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If you want to acquire a Tim packer original but can’t seem to find the subject matter you are interested in at the size you really want we would be happy to work with you to fulfill your desire. We don’t follow the traditional commission model where the client makes a deposit up front and then gives very specific instructions about the painting they would like. We have found that this places an undue amount of pressure on both the client and the artist, often resulting in a painting where neither party is satisfied.

We prefer a much more informal process where the client refers to a painting or series of paintings that Tim has completed in the past and indicates what size they would like. Tim will complete a painting with a similar subject matter and a similar look and feel to the referenced painting. The client then has first right of refusal on the finished piece. If the client declines then the painting just goes out into our regular gallery rotation.

In this process it is important to understand that Tim is not creating a painting for a specific client. The absolute worst thing that can happen during the painting process is for the artist to be thinking, “What would the client like?” when making decisions. This is why we accept a minimal amount of input from prospective clients. Tim then goes on to create a painting for himself that he thinks the client might also like. The question he asks himself during this process is not, “What would the client like?” but rather “What will make this the best painting possible?”

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