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Early in his painting career Tim was a sought after instructor conducting workshops across Canada and the United States. The ever increasing demands of keeping his galleries supplied with originals required him to focus entirely on painting and leave teaching behind. To this day Tim is continually bombarded with with requests to teach workshops. In 2015 Tim decided to launch his youtube channel to deliver free high quality video tutorials on all aspects becoming a successful artist. Says Packer, “I have been very fortunate in my career and have achieved a degree of success beyond my wildest dreams. I had a lot of teachers and mentors who were very generous in sharing their experience and knowledge with me. I feel an obligation to pay it forward and share my knowledge with other aspiring artists. My youtube channel will allow me to teach a lesson once and have it viewed by an unlimited number of people.”  All of the videos are presented in high definition with professional quality audio and may be viewed totally free of charge.

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